IT Seminars

Online courses and in-house seminars

Our IT seminars cover processes and activities to do with designing and developing IT systems. We expand existing standard content by adding company-specific processes and requirements. So participants learn about theory and practice at the same time.

Requirements engineering

They learn theory and practice for working with IT system requirements. This course covers all CPRE Foundation Level content.

IT project management

You gain comprehensive insight into the topic of IT project management and look at fundamental elements in more depth. From practical techniques to procedure models.

Design and management
of IT architectures

You gain comprehensive insight into IT architecture design, learning principles, approaches, and suitable techniques.

IT security – attacks, measures, protection goals

You learn about typical attacks and vulnerabilities and find out more about practical protection measures. We also introduce typical protection goals.

…And your topic?

We develop training for companies, tailored to your specific tools and processes.

Quote or consulting on IT seminars

We specialize in online courses and in-house seminars that are customized to your needs. Get in touch to find out more. We’ll be happy to put together a non-binding quote that meets your requirements.

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